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Trekking in Thailand is more popularly associated with the northern areas of Chang Mai and Chang Rai however there are some beautiful unspoiled areas to explore just a short distance from the villa.

Just a few minutes from the house on the beach, trekking up Khao Kalok Mountain is a must. Once at the summit, your hard work is rewarded with spectacular views A guide is recommended and it would be advisable to go early in the morning before the heat of the day.

A mere 15 minutes from Icandi Hideaway is the beautiful Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park, home to the stunning Phraya Nakhon Cave. You can reach this cave by boat however if you like a bit of a challenge you can also get there on foot, enjoying the scenery with views of forests, mountains and beaches before you marvel at the mystical cave.  If you've still got energy to burn, then the walk up to the more that 500 foot peak of Khao Daeng offers a magnificent view as your reward and is highly recommended.

Slightly further afield, there are different trekking tours offered around Thailand's largest national park, Kaeng Krachan. The park is rich in wildlife with an abundance of flora and fauna to discover.  You will have the chance to explore the Pala-U Waterfall, which has 16 stages. It should be noted, however, that progressing further than the third stage can be extremely challenging and should only be attempted by those physically able to do so. The third stage itself has a large, deep pool with many fish and with the waterfall often surrounded by beautiful butterflies, many visitors are happy to stop here.

For the ultimate challenge the Panern Thung Mountain is the highest mountain in the park standing at 1,207 metres altitude.

With all trekking activities, seek accurate advice with regards to difficulty, weather conditions etc and always wear appropriate clothing. We would recommend going on a guided tour wherever possible. Above all else, your safety and health are of paramount importance, make sure you are fully prepared for the challenge!

After an exhausting yet hugely satisfying day of exploring returning to the your luxurious villa will feel all the more special. With a night of blissful relaxation to look forward to.

Thailand Trekking

Thailand Trekking - The Local Area

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