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Kui Buri National Park Thailand

Whilst staying at Icandi Hideaway, for an unforgettable experience visit Kui Buri National Park. The park is less than an hour's drive from the villa and offers the chance to see Elephants in the wild.

As well as the majestic asian elephant, the park is home to many other species of wildlife such as, Dhole, Banteng, Gaur, Malayan Tapir, Plain-pounched Hornbill, Macaque, Lesser Mouse Deer and Sun Bear.  Occasionally tigers have been spotted in the park.

This is not a zoo or a wildlife sanctuary, Kui Buri National Park offers visitors the chance to see these beautiful animals in the wild, in their natural environment. A protected zone since 1999, this area has allowed many relatively rare species of southeast asian wildlife to flourish.

For some breath-taking sights, as well as an education in conservation, we hope Kui Buri National Park will be one of the many highlights of your trip to Thailand whilst staying at Icandi Hideaway.

Kui Buri - Temple in Thailand

Kui Buri - Beach  in Thailand

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